Fedwiki Tools

Here we list a few tools that are of particular use in managing and creating Fedwiki content:

# Wikipedia Transport

The wikipedia-transport below allows you to drop a Wikipedia url onto it and it imports a page and all it's images:

POST https://livecode.world/mediawiki

The mediawiki-transport is a single controller that implements many individual tranport features. It is a work in progress.

# Youtube Transport This Youtube Transporter allows you to import videos from Youtube, complete with all their metadata. It also allows you to import playlists, channels, and all uploads from a user.

POST https://livecode.world/youtube

# Image Transporter

Find freely licensed images and drag them to one of these available transporters.

POST http://fed.wiki.org:4010/image

# Flagmatic Plugin

This plugin offers an assortment of flags that can replace that of the logged-in site.

# Journal Cleaner

This version of the Journal Cleaner Transport preserves only Fork Actions in the journal. Let's call it the Fork Cleaner Transport.

POST https://livecode.world/fedwiki/fork_Cleaner

We can also fix page title capitalisation using:

POST https://livecode.world/fedwiki/fix_Title

# Import Audioboo

The audioboom-transport creates HTML5 Audio pages in Fedwiki.

POST https://livecode.world/audioboom

Drag and Drop an audioboom url onto the Transporter and it will create a Ghost Page containing an image, map, description and audio from the audioboom website.

# Search Plugin

The search plugin contains a query as its text, performs that query on emit, and reports results in page as flags ordered by the titles that have them.

PLUGINS search